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What is better than exploring the picturesque harbours and emerald waters of the Ionian while sailing a boat? The Ionian Sea is the ideal destination for those who plan to embark upon a sailing voyage and enjoy a unique vacation experience.

In our series of articles about destinations in the Ionian, we will introduce different sea routes and places that you can visit during your holidays. So, ahoy! Let the journey begin… Next Stop: Corfu.


The first port, Lefkimmi is 24 nautical miles from Paxi. Continuing northwards, you pass Benitses and the famous Pontikonisi all the way to the Old Fort, from where the view of the citadel is magnificent. 15 nautical miles from the north coast of Corfu, lies Othoni, the largest of the Diapontian islands and the westernmost place in Greece. The Diapontian Islands – Erikousa, Mathraki and Othoni – are certainly worth your visit not only because they are small, hidden paradises but also because they offer a marvellous view of scattered villages and ruined Venetian castles.

You can also choose to depart from or moor to the marina of Gouves, the first private marina in Greece, can accommodate more than 1,200 boats and has a distance of 7 km both from the town of Corfu and the airport. Whether Corfu is your starting point or your final destination, you should not miss the chance to visit the Old Town where you can enjoy a meal or a drink or even wander around the picturesque alleys that will remind you of Italy.

Opposite Corfu lies Sivota, a seaside village, where you will find beautiful green gulfs and enjoy crystal clear waters.

Located 7 nautical miles south of Corfu, Paxi is a green dot that seems to “float” on the turquoise waters. There you will discover traditional fishing villages, striking caves and dreamy beaches. Paxi is a tropical paradise in the middle of the Ionian Sea, an anchoring point for all those who know how to appreciate true beauty. Sailing 5 nautical miles from the Gaios Port in Paxi, you will arrive at AntiPaxi, which is a neighbouring island known for its few but hospitable residents and its extraordinary beaches where the trees almost embrace the water…

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